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HCELOS is Nigerian’s best and largest Medical Online shopping mall. It is a shopping site for Medical Equipment, Medical consumables, Scientific/Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Reagents, Dental Equipment, Medical Instrument, Radiology equipment/consumables, Orthopedic Equipment/consumables and we give these at the very best price. We are a dependable source for all your medical equipment and consumables.
Healthcare Equipment Limited is registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission. It was incorporated in 2010 as a specialized company to undertake and execute business in private and public health institutions. Our company has effectively solvedthe problems of several health institutions all over the country through;

  • Insuring proper equipping of hospitals from start to finish with state of the art medical equipment
  • Engaging in public private partnership(PPP) with both government hospitals and private institutions
  • Medical supplies to hospitals and private individuals.

Our aim is to help save more lives by granting quick access to solve the needs of healthcare systems especially in Nigeria.
HCELOS has a team of renowned professionals who work in the line with the company’s vision and objectives to ensure quality service delivery at all times without compromise. We partner with reliable companies in Nigeria, Asia, Europe, America, and United Kingdom, to get you the best medical supplies needed.

In line with our aim, we have also adopted a major operational policy aimed at addressing serious challenges of faulty and abandoned medical equipment commonly seen in most of our hospitals. This policy ensures that our Bio-Medical/ Technical team follow up our supplies for proper installation of equipment, training of end user, Maintenance/ Repairs of medical equipment.

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